Monday, May 21, 2007

Cub Scout Bridging Ceremony

The Bridging Ceremony is where each rank "crosses over" to begin working on the next rank up. First Graders are Tiger Scouts, and upon completion of their first grade year (going into the second grade) they are ready to begin working to become Wolf Scouts. Third graders are Bears, fourth graders are 1st year Webelos and fifth graders are 2nd year Webelos. The bridging ceremony had them standing on one side of a bridge as one rank and as they crossed over, they stepped into the next rank. It was very nice.

Evan earned his Tiger Badge, and I was able to pin it on him before their bridging ceremony.

For bridging, the boys removed thier Tiger neckerchief (orange and blue), slide and hat (leaving the rank of Tiger on one side of the bridge) and they were presented with their new Wolf neckerchief (blue and gold), slide and guidebook on the other side of the bridge. We'll have to get Evan a Wolf Cap. Maybe we can find my old Cub Scout cap (that was actually Mike's.)

After Evan received his Wolf stuff, he said he was giving his Tiger things to Elliot, but not before Drew could quickly lay claim to them!

Elliot and Drew being silly at the park after the ceremony.
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